Copper Look-Out Lantern Table Lamp
Measures: 26" tall - Item: CO-1525-TL

Price: $209.95  - 

Anchor Wall Clock - New York 1912
Measures 18" - Item: MC-191

Messenger Bag - Navy Blue
"I Have Urgent Dispatches"
Size: 15.5" x 11.5" - Item: BT-6538

Price:  $77.95  - 

Sale: $42.95  -  

Solid Brass Spencer Magnifying Compass
Size: 3.25" wide - Item: BR-48432

Solid Brass Antique "Spyglass" in Leather Carry Case
Size: 7" -Extends: 15" - Item: BR48525

Sale $30.95 - Sale $30.00

The SIXTH Day of Christmas

Knot Board Display w/ Instruments

Glass Fishing Buoys Set of 8

Cutty Sark Bookends

Mermaid Bookends White

 Item: W-442 - Sale: $89.95

Item: MW-735 - Price: $42.95

Item: BRK-0312 - Sale: $48.95

Item: A-378 - Price: $48.95

The FIFTH Day of Christmas

Captain's Table Candle Lamp

Brass Wine Cooler - Ice Bucket

Solid Brass Mother of Pearl
Sugar and Creamer

Solid Brass Mother of Pearl Apple and Pear Condiment

Item: BR22482 - Price: $19.95

Item: BR-4237 - Price: $39.95

Item: BR40421 - Price:  $25.95

Item: BR10921 - Price: $25.95

Polished Brass Alidade Compass

Highly polished heavy brass Alidade. Real instrument for measuring distance, direction & elevation of an object.  Often used by explorers for taking measurements but a primary use in naval operations as a gun sight for guns and cannon.
Size: 14.5" L x 8"


Gift Certificate Sale:
50% of the face value.
When you buy a Gift Certificate for $50.00 we will send you the Gift Certificate worth $100.00.
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Item: BR48401

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The FOURTH Day of Christmas

Chrome Porthole Mirror

Copper Diver's Helmet Clock
Item: CO5265 - Sale: $84.00

Porthole Mirror-12"
MAL-121 -
Sale: $33.95

Canvas Messenger Bag -Gray
Item: BT-6379 -
Salee: $45.95

Brass Brunton Compass
Item: BR4840 - Sale: $30.00

The THIRD Day of Christmas

Signal Flag Showcase
Item: MW-587 - Price: $85.95

Brass Ship's Anchor Lantern
Item: BR-1524 -Price: $124.95

Canvas Backpack Navy
Item: BT-6438B - Sale: $39.95

Brass Bell Presentation Plaque
Item: BPRO-1844 -Sale: $139.95




The SECOND Day of Christmas

Solid Brass Telescope
Item: BR-4852 - Price:

Solid Brass Large Telescope
Item: BR-48520 - Price:

Norwegian Anchor Lantern
Item: BR-3506 - Price: $139.95

Silver Plate Candle Set
Item: SP-22781 - Price: $39.95





The FIRST Day of Christmas

Gift Certificate Sale:
50% of the face value.

Since you cannot decide what your person would like, we have a great gift giving idea.  How about a Gift Certificate that never expires.

PLUS, you save a bundle and spend FAR less by giving them a gift they can spend for TWICE as much as you paid for it.

When you buy a Gift Certificate for $50.00 we will send you the Gift Certificate worth $100.00.

Personalized and numbered.

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Solid Copper Anchor Lamp
Item: CO-1524 - Price: $99.95

Large Messenger Style Bag
Item: BT-6455 -
Sale $32.95


Brass Ship's Wheel Clock
Item: L-28191 - Price: $69.95

Crew Candle Lantern
Item: IR-1532 - Sale: $10.00




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